Breakfast in a Blanket
Ingredients for one serving:

Brush small omelet pan with a light film of oil.  Heat burner to medium and add scrambled egg.  Add chopped peppers, herbs, tomato if desired.  Heat until edges are done and turn over to cook top side.  While egg is frying, put tortilla on a plate and add ham slices and cheese.  Warm for about 10 seconds in microwave to slightly melt chesse, then top with round fried egg.  Roll tortilla, and eat or refrigerate to use in 1-3 days.
Breakfast in a Blanket
My parents insisted that we always get up early enough on school mornings to sit down with the family for breakfast. Often, I woke up wishing I could stay in bed, wrapped in a blanket, rather than eating, but the aromas from the kitchen soon inspired me! Now, I know my parents were right, because breakfast is the most important meal of the day to "break the fast" of sleeping and energize our bodies for the day.

This recipe is easy and can be modified to individual taste. It is full of protein to provide long lasting energy that we all need until lunch time.  These blankets can be a night time activity for the family with each choosing their favorite cheese, and veggies for eggs. Prepare, cover, and refrigerate overnight, then warm in the microwave for 45 seconds in the morning.  Add juice/fruit and breakfast is served!
Godmother Note: Season the egg as desired, but leave out the salt. 
The cheese and ham will add all the sodium you need for this recipe.