The Green Kitchen
Thinking "green" in the kitchen is part of being a smart chef. Your decisions for this room of your house can protect the environment, save you money, and best of all, make life for your family healthier! 

Visit this page each month for simple suggestions that will help you and your kitchen become more green.
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Refreshing Kitchens….The Green Way

With food and cooking come odors, and some linger longer than we want!  In place of  expensive air fresheners, that often contain toxic perfumes that only mask odors, here are some inexpensive alternatives that provide lingering fresh aromas and are much safer for lungs and air passages:

1.Mix a tablespoon or two of vanilla in a cup of water, and pour into an oven safe glass bowl.  Turn the oven on a low setting, and open the door a little.  The room will soon fill with sweet vanilla fragrance.

2.Brew up a favorite flavored coffee.  We sold our first home in 9 days with help from the aroma of fresh coconut cream coffee. 

3.Put cinnamon sticks in water or apple juice and allow it to simmer on a low setting on the stovetop, or in a small crock pot.  Add whole cloves or other spices if you like.

4.A catering friend taught me this one to freshen my house after cooking onions saturated every corner of our house.  Set a couple of wide mouthed bowls of  white vinegar out on the kitchen counter for two hours.  Follow up with vanilla candles.  Odors will disappear!