The child chef grew up to be a teacher of food and nutrition, equipped with a B.S. in Home Economics Education, and M.S. in Human Development & the Family from the University of Nebraska. Later, marriage and her husband's career provided opportunity for world travel and exploring more than 20 countries. Each destination created invitation for a taste of the culture while visiting markets, restaurants and cooking schools abroad. Workshops and training at The Art Institute of Colorado, along with personal research have helped to enhance Sharon's knowledge base about food preparation and techniques.
The seeds for Gourmet Godmother were planted very early in rural Nebraska. As a farm child, Sharon Miller grew up spending warm summer days with her sisters, creating exotic mud pies and dandelion salads in make-shift playhouses on the farm. At age 8, Sharon's parents gave her a favorite Christmas gift, that would introduce her to the real kitchen. "Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys and Girls" was filled with colorful recipes, and helped the young girl to recognize her passion for preparing and sharing food with family and friends.
Teaching became Sharon's life career choice, and she recently completed a fun- filled dozen years as the Multicultural Foods instructor at Fort Collins High School. Hundreds of students left her classroom with culinary skills, new confidence, and appreciation for food preparation as a valuable lifetime art. Each student was taught the simple formula for success in the kitchen:

Food + Joy = Health!